Sales Academy

The fact is a lot of sales training fails, because it is not retained by the learner. Building competence in your organisation is better served by taking a long term and holistic approach.

FrontTier’s sales academies are created to speed up best practice and build a culture of sales excellence.

What is a Sales Academy?

The elements needed to create an academy are different to each individual company and sales force. The shape of a Sales Academy will change from one company to the next.

To design your academy we take a deep dive to understand your existing practices and procedures. Our tools range from client feedback, employee surveys, sales KPI review and client communication observations.

Sales Effectiveness model

A Sales Effectiveness Model is created to show what ‘FrontTier’ looks like.

We benchmark the ability, character and action of your sales force, allowing you to determine both individual scope for improvement and trends in skill gaps.

The Sales Academy Structure

Using the data collected from the diagnostic tools and working closely with you; FrontTier will create a programme of education and enablement that will be the foundation of your Sales Academy.

What are the benefits?

A Sales Academy is a sizeable course of action that is designed to transform and increase sales effectiveness and professional development company wide.

Once the sales force has been through your academy, you should benefit from:

  • A culture of sales excellence
  • Competencies and skills which generate breakthrough performance
  • Alignment of a common language, values
  • Sales Leadership which has great coaching skills
  • Individual learning and professional development.
  • Sales methodology which produces cohesion and collaboration throughout the workforce


The aim of any sales training and coaching is to increase revenue, measuring ROI is critical to understanding the success of a Sales Academy.

FrontTier helps you set out the KPIs that will define what success of the Sales Academy looks like.

Learning and delivery methods

Learning and delivery methods will vary and may include:
Workshop style sales training modules – often focused on an individual sales skills, e.g. presentation skills, cold calling skills
Role-play – using participants to act as the client, individuals then get the chance to practice, assess and polish. These situations could be used to assess new recruits.
Sales Coaching – one to one coaching or real-time observational
Opportunity Bootcamps – workshops where participants work on live opportunities, by assessing the situation and and planning a course of action to increase the close ratios
E-learning – Our developers build software to facilitate continuous support, learning and development

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