Learning Zones

FrontTier is recognised by many of our clients for the practical, cohesive and positive impact our work has on the their bottom line. At our foundation is the research and top class learning and development methods which has influenced our learning principles and practices.

With 86% of training forgotten in the first 3 months chances are, the elephant is the only one in this room who will retain any value from most training.

Our Learning Principles

We have four learning design values which shape the way we work. They allow us to initiate tailored development solutions, proven to be key drivers of change for sustainable business growth and competitive differentiation.

Inspire to Change

Learners need to be inspired to break through the barriers to improve performance. We go deep into the anatomy of understanding the individual; what keeps them awake at night & what motivates them to get out of bed every morning. Incorporating their mental and emotional drivers are keys to unlocking genuine and sustainable change. We then design solutions to change what is not working and do more of what is.

Harmony of Goals

Personal goals need to harmonise with the organisation's objectives. To achieve this, managers and learners must align in the development goal setting process and the ongoing support program so every one moves in the same direction.

Lasting Effect

A long term approach delivers long term effects. Short, off-the-shelf training events often have little long-term effects. A long-term approach allows for profound behavioural change and sustainable results.

Measure & Refine

Results must be tracked to motivate and steer the learner and the business. Integral to our training is the importance we place on knowing, observing and reviewing KPIs. Learners and businesses are more motivated when organisational and personal learning journey objectives are clearly set out and the tracking of results is ongoing.


More revenue with less people

Less staff turnover

Speed up strategy adoption

Increase culture cohesiveness

BreakThrough Results™ Zones

BreakThrough Results™ Wheel – For every sales person, behaviour is driven by their emotions and feelings, and by their thoughts and beliefs. Results are a consequence of our actions. The causes are our feelings and emotions, as well as our thoughts and beliefs.

FrontTier has developed the BreakThrough Results™ models, philosophies and practices to create better experiences and understanding for the learner and organisations we work with. This enhances our beliefs and feelings, and these changes cause improved behaviour. Finally, we learn that we get better experiences as a result of doing the new behaviour. This fortifies the new beliefs and feelings which fortifies the new behaviour and breaks through barriers for improved sales performance.