Our Approach

Assess, Create, Do

Whether we are looking at one component like your sales process or a sales transformation that considers the entire model, all our work moves the same way – Asses, Create, and Do.


Review gives clarity into performance improvement opportunities to help create our BreakThrough Results™ model. We use tried and tested tools, models and analytics to assess the synergy of the employees and their goals with business strategy and the objectives. This allows us to produce high level recommendations weighted against factors like time to implement and expected results.


Based on the review, we create bespoke solutions designed to cover every element of your organisation. We provide you with the methodologies, tools and technologies you need to reach your sales potential.


To ensure you bring into reality what has been planned and created so far we then focus our efforts on execution and continuing assistance. We help to deliver short-term results with established execution and change enablement methods and tools such as sales playbooks to allow you to record, monitor and share outcomes.

Levels of Engagement

The reach of our consulting is solely determined by your companies objectives and needs. Our flexible and tailored approach can be split into 3 main categories:

0.1 Tweak: With our BreakThrough Results™ model implemented successfully we are often required to adjust and reconfigure strategy to attain new objectives. Sometimes a tweak is all that is needed to keep you on the path to breakthrough results.

03. Transform: Transformation are big projects designed for massive change throughout the whole organisation. In these projects we tackle all elements in our BreakThrough Results™ model

02: Applied: These projects have a practical focus which keeps your sales operation in the best shape. We assist you in addressing factors which will achieve the results you need now.