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BreakThrough Results™ Methodology

FrontTier’s 3 stage BreakThrough Results™ Methodology is a comprehensive approach which will plan, implement and support the most critical components which effect sales performance.

The journey to becoming a top performing company will be a challenging one, but our experience expertise and hands-on support means you’ll have a partner you can rely on to guide you there.

Stage 1: Plan

It’s the planning step that empowers you to devise sales strategies which achieve BreakThrough Results™ as success doesn’t just magically happen, it is planned for.

Competitor and Industry
Know the environment you operate in.

Existing Accounts
Strategic account management allows you to be proactive in growing the revenue of existing customers.

New Accounts
Understand your target market and build a segmented list of accounts that you will target and remove the ones which are likely to waste time.

Build a winning culture, value proposition & pricing strategy.

Stage 2: Implement

The implementation step is where you shape how the sales team relates with its potential and existing customers. The sales engine must be well oiled at this stage to drive performance.

Fill the pipeline with meaningful sales opportunities.

Sales Methodology
Devise a clear sales philosophy which energises and inspires.

Sales Process
Establish a course of action which wins more deals, wins bigger deals and faster.

Sales Team Structure
Define the sizes roles & responsibilities of your sales force to gain maximum performance.

Territory Configuration
Get the right sales people, allocated to the right territories, accounts and leads to bring the most value for the greatest success.

Quota Management
Align company target to the sales person’s targets.

Compensation Scheme
Structure compensation schemes that get you to your performance targets.

Opportunity Qualification
Define the criteria for high quality leads which convert to more revenue, quicker.

Outbound Documentation
Improve and align your outbound presentations, proposals, emails and contracts to improve how you are perceived by your customers.

Stage 3: Support

Aid your sales team’s by reducing or removing their non-selling responsibilities. Less frustration enables your sales team to focus on what makes them effective.

Sales Operations
Improve the efficiency of the sales team.

Sales Enablement
Build a cohesive and synergistic sales ecosystem which empowers every element that influences your selling potential.

Sales Management and Coaching
Motivate, inspire, guide and lead your sales people to achieve the targets set.

Performance management
Forecast and agree sales metrics with owners across the business.

Technology and Tools
Improve the efficiency of your sales operation by putting in place effective sales systems.

Back Office Support
Remove barriers to purchasing from your organisation.

Analytics and Reporting
Make sense of the data to drive great decision making.

Continuous development of skills, knowledge and attributes are real drivers to improved performance.

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