Interim Management

Do you want to drive significant change in the performance of your sales force?

Instinctively you may look to employ a new senior sales person. Sometimes you become worried once you evaluate the overhead, time, disruption and common high turnover of sales staff.

An Interim Director has been a solution for companies looking for top talent to deliver significant impact, but are reluctant in this climate to take someone on full time.

Our Interim Directors bring with them expertise and a clear track record of delivering change. You will be assigned to someone who has already operated in your industry, because they have experienced the challenges you face, they can hit the ground running by being adaptable, intelligent and skillful.


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    Seasoned Interim Managers are available to start quickly with little recruitment or termination obstacles.

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    Interim Managers are normally overqualified for the situation meaning they can work with minimal steer.

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    Knowledge Transfer

    The impact of their work enriches your company long after they have gone, as the experiences, skills and network they have will be utilised by your team.

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    Results Driven

    Our Interim Managers are focused on achieving tangible results, driven by the passion to succeed and help the companies they work with.

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    As a relative outsider they will use a fresh pair of eyes to assess the situation so recommendations are considered with no bias or agenda, but with clarity and honesty.

Typical Projects

The project scope for your Interim Manager can be as tight or as wide ranging as you desire. What they work on is totally tailored to your needs. It could be anything from chairing board meetings to delivering the result. Below are some of the more common projects that need managing:


Strategy Planning
Pricing Plans
Organisational Structure
Tools and CRM integration


Sales Force Automation
Channel Management
Sales Enablement
Compensation Plans
Personal Development

Delivery Tactical

Prospect Insights
Event Support
Pitch & Presentation Support
Deal Coaching

Other Services

Opportunity Close Sessions

Break Through Results™ methodologies are used in these high impact engagements which focus on a key stage of the deal, or a series of stages. This includes creating urgency, proving value, pitching against the competition and improving the terms of the deal.

The focus of each opportunity close session is to provide insight, coaching and support to your sales teams as they plan and prepare to win big, complex or business critical opportunities.

Go Call Sessions

An innovative telesales intervention which delivers incredible and immediate ROI.

We coach your team on-the-job with live prospects. This highly engaging training is cultivated in a competitive and energetic environment which enables your sales team to thrive.

We’ll return your investment within one day!

The session pays for itself before the coach finishes the first day. Prior to the calling session we agree difficult but achievable personal and team targets. We then assess the performance a few times a day and the coach can offer bite-sized insights to enable the sales team or person to keep spirits and performance high.

In past sessions we have smashed all KPIs and justified investment through delivering strong ROI but even more important is the conviction that is instilled in the sales force. They have proof that the method and techniques we teach really do work, so the effects of the change is long term.

Market Research Projects

We carry out market research projects which are normally categorized into two service areas.
Feedback Marketing – We undertake projects for businesses wanting feedback on their product, service and brand from potential or existing customers.
Test Marketing – Whether you have a new product to launch, a new sales channel or another market you want to tap into, FrontTier will undertake test marketing so that you will have reliable real life results from which to make your business decisions.